About us

Sinergias del Olivar is a broad and ambitious project of which it is a part Aceite Spain as a commercial brand to reach the market with Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO) carefully selected with low acidity, with varieties of "olive juice" that range from the mildest, such as ARBEQUINA, to the strongest, CORNICABRA, to delight the most demanding palates or to enhance fine cuisine dishes.

The olives come from olive groves on the outskirts of the Cabañeros National Park, with a very extreme climate, which favor the quality and flavor of the EVOOs. Olives harvested early, without touching the ground and quickly ground to give these exquisite EVOOs. Whether they are for their own consumption or as a gift, we are sure that they will be a success that they will undoubtedly appreciate. Giving Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a gift is giving health. Who does not like to be given health?

We are committed to eco-sustainability, therefore, our containers are in cans or glass bottles, with a minimum use of plastics, only in the caps of the cans and labels. For glass bottles we have preferred to use a glass stopper that only has a small rubber seal for closure.

We also introduce PLA cartons, made from corn, which are biodegradable and do not pollute, with a decomposition cycle of 6 months under favorable conditions.

We are committed to innovation in designs to provide a line that breaks with the traditional drawings used in the packaging of EVOOs, making it more decorative and for the most imaginative: reusable. Giving a second use to packaging implies optimizing natural resources.

If you like our products: pay attention for our continuous innovations.

SINERGIAS DEL OLIVAR, Sanitary Registry Number: 40.074791/M