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At Aceite Spain we offer you the highest quality extra virgin olive oils, carefully manufactured using sustainable methods and with a wide variety of olive juices, from the mild flavor Arbequina to the intense Cornicabra.

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We know perfectly well that it is an essential product for the kitchen because it enhances the flavor of all kinds of food, which is why it is essential to make a good purchase to delight your palate.

In addition, its consumption is highly beneficial for the body, since it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and lowers cholesterol levels, among other important advantages.

It is difficult to find a reliable place to buy this product, but rest assured that in our online store of extra virgin olive oil you will find the ideal item to prepare your favorite dishes.

Do you want to know more about our oils or the way we work at Aceite Spain? Do you have any other questions? Continue reading!

Our Production Process

All the olives we use come from olive groves located on the outskirts of the Cabañeros National Park, in Toledo, a place that has a very extreme climate that favors the quality and flavor of our products.

The harvests are carried out early so that the olives do not touch the ground and also to be able to grind them quickly, which adds a particular exquisite flavor to all the extra virgin olive oils that we sell.

At Aceite Spain we are committed to sustainability, which is why we use cans or glass bottles, with a minimum of plastic (only in caps and labels). We have also introduced PLA cartons, which are biodegradable and compostable and do not pollute at all.

Finally, we stand out for the constant innovation in packaging designs to offer a different line of products to our customers.

Variety of extra virgin olive oil

Another of our peculiarities is that we offer three different varieties of products so that you can buy the extra virgin olive oil that you like the most. Specifically, in the catalog you will find picual, arbequina and cornicabra:

Picual extra virgin olive oil

Picual extra virgin olive oil is one of the most appreciated because it has a diversity of nuances in its flavor, combining fruity, bitter and spicy tones that make it ideal for cooking all kinds of dishes.

Arbequina extra virgin olive oil

This olive oil, with a striking green color, stands out for being extremely soft and light, with a fruity smell and a delicate touch. On the palate, nuances of dried fruit aromas predominate.

Cornicabra extra virgin olive oil

This variety presents an aroma of green leaves and a predominantly bitter flavor, somewhat spicy and with a certain sweetness at the end. Furthermore, in the more mature oils, it is possible to enjoy exotic fruits and avocado.

Of course, the three varieties (picual, arbequina and cornicabra) of our extra virgin olive oils are from Toledo.

Benefits of our extra virgin olive oils

One of the great advantages of extra virgin olive oil is that it is a very versatile kitchen accessory, which you can use in all kinds of meals and at any time of the day. For example, many people use it raw for breakfast or on bread, replacing peanut butter.

In addition, it is also used to season and dress salads, to fry foods (meat, fish, potatoes, aubergines, etc.) and as ingredients for sauces, such as mayonnaise, alioli or vinaigrettes.

On the other hand, the consumption of extra virgin olive oil gives important health benefits, since it reduces the risks of cardiovascular disease, lowers cholesterol levels and improves intestinal transit, among many others.

Recommendations about our oil

Our recommendation is that use extra virgin olive oil for everything, both raw and in the kitchen. We clarify this because there is a false belief that it is a product that should only be consumed raw, but this is not the case.

Buy our extra virgin olive oil

Find a good extra virgin olive oil it can be extremely complex because there are too many manufacturers on the market, so distinguishing the really good products is somewhat difficult.

In Oil Spain we have it very clear and that is why we explain in detail our working method so you know what you are going to find.

We have a catalog that includes the best extra virgin olive oils in the region, direct from the mill and available in three different varieties. All the olives come from olive groves located on the outskirts of the Cabañeros National Park and are harvested early to give them a particularly exquisite flavor.

In addition, we also make a difference because we market our packaged products in different formats and with very careful and diverse designs. It should be noted, once again, that we are absolutely committed to ecology, using sustainable methods.

In short, have no doubt that with our products you will be able to enhance the flavor of all your meals, consuming a 100% natural and healthy oil for your body.

No more, we invite you to browse the extensive catalog of extra virgin olive oils and buy the one that best suits the demands of your palate.