Coupage Equilibrio Olive Oil

The balance blend oil is a balanced blend of all our varieties. This results in an olive juice with properties that exclusive one variety oils cannot have.

The aim is to obtain a supreme quality oil with a more complex fruitiness and a harmony of flavours more difficult to achieve with a single variety of oil.

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Uses of coupage balance oil

Like other types of oil, it can be used both to accompany raw foods and to cook or prepare sauces. However, coupage balance oil, being a blend of other oils of very good quality, is considered a supreme quality olive oil.

For this reason, it is probably the best way to enjoy it and get the most out of it is by using it as an accompaniment to salads, raw foods, breakfasts, etc., where, in short, its flavor can be more clearly distinguished.

Origin and production of coupage balance oil

As we have already mentioned, coupage balance oil is not an oil obtained from a specific olive or olive tree. This oil is made by blending other single-varietal oils in different proportions. This task is assimilated to the practice carried out with wines.

The mixture of different varieties is not made randomly, but is previously defined to achieve the exact point of bitterness or spiciness desired.

Its flavor depends on the percentage of each type of oil it contains, so that the different combinations can give rise to a very different product, with more or less mild or bitter flavors.

The mixing of oils is carried out in the milling process, and can be done naturally or manually. When different varieties of olives are obtained from the same plantation, sometimes they are not separated and are simply mixed. However, it may be the case that olives with specific characteristics are sought, so the process and selection is carried out manually.

The fact that coupage balance oil is a blend of other oils sometimes leads one to think that it is a lower quality variety, but nothing could be further from the truth. This oil is born from the combination of the best, to mix all the goodness and benefits of each type of olive in the same product. That is why, in reality, this oil is of even higher quality than those single-variety oils.