Aceite Picual

A full-bodied oil, with a soft bitterness and the perfect touch of itching, the picual variety is the type of most used olive oil in Spain and all over the world. It is an oil with a striking flavor, perfect for those palates more accustomed to olive oil who want to enjoy an even more intense flavor, somewhat softer than cornicabra oil, which is one of the most extreme, hence its popularity.

In early harvest it has a variety of herbaceous aromas, olive leaf, herb, fig, tomato and tomato plant, the picual variety transports you directly to the traditional olive groves.

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Aceituna Picual

Has high content of monounsaturated oleic acid, one of those responsible for the lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) sometimes exceeding 80% of all its lipid content. This characteristic makes this oil advisable for people with high cholesterol.

The picual variety also helps to lower blood pressure, control hypertension and prevent heart disease and some types of cancer, which is why it is a great ally of health in general.

Uses of the picual variety

One of the most common uses given to the picual variety is in fried or battered and empanadas. At high temperatures it continues to maintain all its properties.

In addition, thanks to its great stability, it can be the perfect olive oil for making canned meats, cheeses, meats, etc. And, like the other varieties, the picual variety is used to dress salads, on toast and raw foods. However, it is not the most suitable variety for mild dishes, as its intense flavor could alter the original flavor of the recipe. In these cases it would be better to use Arbequina oil.

Confectionery can also benefit from the picual variety, because this oil can give desserts a great freshness and very characteristic color

Origin and production of picual oil

Jaén has more than 66 million olive trees, and the vast majority of them are Picual olive trees. It is from there that the picual variety, which has become so famous throughout the world for its ease of production and for all the benefits it has, mainly comes from. In fact, this variety it accounts for 20% of all crops worldwide and occupies around 900,000 hectares.

The picual olive takes its name from the way it ends in a peak. It is the most cultivated olive in the world, due to its easy adaptation to different means of production.