Arbequina oil

High content of oleic, unsaturated, monounsaturated and polyphenol fatty acids, highly recommended to reduce cholesterol and in children's diets.

with a fruity aroma of olive, banana and apple, and a hint of sweet perception, the Arbequina oil is the extra virgin olive oil for those looking for a smooth flavor, that no bitterness or itching is appreciated.

It has a delicate, fluid and smooth touch that makes it the best variety to start introducing olive oil into the diet of children or people who are not used to consuming it.

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Aceituna Arbequina

Arbequina oil uses

The delicate flavor of Arbequina oil makes it the perfect complement for breakfast, baby food, all kinds of dishes and, especially, desserts and pastries, becoming a substitute for butter.

Its fruity aroma also makes it a perfect oil to accompany salads containing fruits and all kinds of raw foods. Toast with tomato or jam, fruit salads... Any of these dishes is ideal for adding a touch of Arbequina oil.

Arbequina oil is also the perfect ingredient to prepare cold sauces such as salmorejo or mayonnaise, and for cooking and marinating fish and shellfish.

It also complements perfectly with chocolate, which is why, in addition to being widely used in confectionery, bread with oil and chocolate has traditionally been Arbeca's star snack, their place of origin.

This oil is, perhaps, the most delicate of the EVOOs, which is why you must pay close attention to its conservation: protected from light and away from heat sources that could alter its characteristics.

Origin and production of Arbequina oil

Arbequina oil comes from the Arbequina olive, original from Palestine. In the 17th century, the Duke of Medinaceli planted this variety for the first time in Spain for the garden of his castle. located in Arbeca, Lleida. Its origin from the Catalan people has been what has given it its name. Today, its production has spread throughout the country, being quite common in the lands of Andalusia, Aragon and Castilla La Mancha.

When it comes to an olive oil with a very mild flavor, is also one of the favorites in other countries, where the consumption of olive oil is not so common.

The Arbequina olive goes through two stages, in the first, with a green or yellow color, and a second stage, when it has already matured, in which its color turns black. Arbequina oil is early, and this means that it is made with olives that are harvested at the beginning of the campaign, when they are still green.