SET 2 Glass Bottles of 0,35 liters EVOO ARBEQUINA-PICUAL

23,38 IVA incl

Set to taste and enjoy 2 varieties of EVOO: Arbequina and Picual.

Quality: PREMIUM

An attractive biodegradable PLA case with elegant cosmetic glass bottles that allow you to appreciate the color of the oil. The glass stopper completes the elegance of the bottle.

Bottles of 0.35 liters each.

Weight: 1.61 Kg

Type of packaging: Recyclable

PLA datasheet

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Case with 2 glass bottles of 0.35 liters arbequina and picual

  • The packaging of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in glass bottles is synonymous with guarantee, they are inert and do not alter the flavor of the product.
  • Please keep them protected from light and heat.
  • Important: for long-lasting preservation, keep them protected from light and heat.
  • Please keep them away from light and heat.
  • Store the bottle with the cap on for a better conservation.
  • Glass is recyclable and does not deplete resources.
  • Help make the world sustainable.
  • The color is independent of the quality of the oil. To be of good quality, it must have an intense, fresh and fruity aroma.
  • Bottles or case may not match exactly with the image shown.

Información adicional

Peso 1,61 kg



Arbequina Oil, Picual Oil


Olives from Toledo – Spain


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